Lena Paßlick (b. 1995 in Ochtrup, Germany) is a photographer who lives and studies in The Netherlands. She holds a BA in Fine Art from AKI Academy for Art and Design, Enschede (2018) and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in photography at The Master Institute of Visual Cultures AKV St. Joost, 's Hertogenbosch.



Shapes and lines with raw surfaces and simplistic compositions,  direct my personal perception, with a constant need to capture. Purley driven by impulses and my intuition I am looking for something spontaneous. Therefore I feel comfortable in, to me, unknown, isolated and anonymous atmospheres prepared with lots of first encounters.

While I have a desire for sensuous beauty, I get fascinated by the characteristics of the mid 20th century, like architecture and fashion. The urban landscapes and culture of East Europe enable me to be surrounded by this particular Zeitgeist and at the same time to be delimited from my own. Hence factors that could influence my perception of the image, such as time or personal relations, will be avoided.

Living in a fast, digital age, analog photography sharpens my attention, concentration, and patience. Simultaneously the medium is an embodiment of melancholy.

‘s Hertogenbosch

 The Netherlands

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