Lena Paßlick


Lena Paßlick (b. 1995 in Ochtrup, Germany) is a visual artist who lives and studies in The Netherlands. She holds a BFA from AKI ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design (2018) and is currently studying a MA of Photography at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures AKV St. Joost.

Raised as a single child in Germany in an ordinary family without any artistic connections, who valued punctuality, precision,structure, and order. These qualities do not only play a part in her everyday life but also in her photography.


Seeking with devotion after sensuous beauty, I give attentiveness to the inattentive. Serval things become the main thing and strangers get noticed to be ignored later.

I do get my fascinations from the characteristics of the 20th century, among them their architecture and fashion. The urban landscapes and culture of East Europe enable me to be surrounded by this particular Zeitgeist and at the same time to be delimited from my own. Surrounded by this I am able to orientate myself in isolated, anonymous atmospheres.


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