Lena Paßlick (b. 1995 in Germany) is a visual artist who lives and studies in The Netherlands. She holds a BA in Fine Art from AKI Academy for Art and Design, Enschede (2018) and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in photography at The Master Institute of Visual Cultures AKV St. Joost, 's Hertogenbosch.



I feel displaced by my current Zeitgeist. This is why I often find myself lost in a nostalgic emotion for a time I have not witnessed. This emotion is rooted in an over-romanticized social and cultural discourse of my parents and my Heimat; Germany. Together with this idealized perception, I can compose each image meticulously by focussing on shapes and lines where I seek a sense of anonymity and an aesthetic distance.

The analog practice is an essential companion of my work and teaches me patience and concentration in a fast-growing digital age while simultaneously serving as an embodiment of my 'false nostalgia'. While using this medium, I am artificially longing for an 'elsewhere' that never existed. 


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