Lena Paßlick (b. 1995 in West Germany) is

a visual artist whose main practice concerns

photography. In her analog photographs, one

can observe an anonymised elsewhere that

is shaped by a sense of displacement for

the contemporary pop culture.

This feeling often leads to a nostalgic emotion

for a time she has not witnessed. Lena lives

and works in The Netherlands and holds a

BA in Fine Art from AKI ArtEZ Academy

for Art & Design, Enschede (2018). She has

recently obtained her Masters of Arts in Fine

Art & Design at the Master Institute of Visual

Cultures, St. Joost School of Art & Design, 's

Hertogenbosch (2020). 

Lena Paßlick (b. 1995 in West Germany) is a

visual artist who lives and works in The

Netherlands.Her practice concerns analog

photography and is shaped by an intuitive

approach to image-making. Paßlicks' work

is an ongoing process where she utilizes

her over-romanticized assumed perception

of the past to construct an anonymized

elsewhere, with attention to authenticity

and insignificance of habits and environments.

Her visual language is inspired by, how she

likes to call them, "second-hand" experiences

from the past such as old family archives,

her Heimat Germany, and memories of her

childhood. Therefore, her medium, analog

photography, serves not only as an overarching

means in the visual adaptation but serves also

as a suitable embodiment of nostalgia and

authenticity. While Lena is longing for a time

she has not actively engaged with, she is aware

of her assumed perception and therefore

positioning herself in the field of false nostalgia,

since her idea of the past can and has never existed.

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