Nostalgia is multifaceted.  It was initially seen as a disease caused by the separation from one's homeland, commonly referred to as homesickness. In time, however, its meaning has shifted from longing for a specific place to a yearning for a certain time, namely the past. Nowadays, some may even argue that the notion has reached the status of a longing for an idealized past that has never existed. Therefore " Nostalgia wears a distinctive utopian face". One might probably recognize the connection between both terms, Nostalgia and Utopia, since they both refer to an elsewhere that will not and does not exist (anymore). This "idealized" perception is often formed by an escapist fantasy hence "Nostalgia can be a romance with one's own fantasy" (Boym). For me, nostalgia gained a new social quality: false nostalgia - an artificial longing for a utopian elsewhere. 

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